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Meet the Team


Our team of dedicated and motivated partners is what propels West Star forward in creativity, diversity, and inclusion. We're a small team based out of Santa Ana, CA- with local offices across California, Texas, Georgia, and Ohio. 


Our staff is made up of experts in the fields of marketing, communications, technology and business development with over 10 years of experience. As an award-winning, purpose-driven creative agency- we work hard to diversify our clients in every way possible through collaborative innovation and twists to the conventional methods we're all used to. With technology and marketing strategies constantly changing, it's important to find the spark in your business that separates you from the sea of competitors. We work hard to help our clients shine and stand out, and we're always willing to go above and beyond in service.


We're dreamers, brand builders, creative engineers and most importantly, sales drivers. 

No matter the project size or scale, our team is determined to help your business reach its fullest growth potential. 

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